NOV. 2020

Congratulations. In 2020.11.05, there were 5 colleagues passed

MIG welding technology verification of Cr-Mo alloy steel and INCONEL 625 welding material

JUL. 2020

There were 5 colleagues passed
【CO2 welding technology verification of Cr-Mo alloy steel and INCONEL 625 welding material】

MAR. 2020

Our company passed by MITSUI E&S company certification,
that only authorized repair NIMONIC & DURA SPINDLE in Taiwan factory.


All of well known marine main engine, auxiliary engine and its accessories such as MAN B&W, SULZER,UEC,YANMAR,PIELSTICK etc.. We are capable to recondition its components by means of welding, precision machining, chrome plating, heat treatment, NDT inspection etc. expertise and experience.


In conjunction with subcontractor’s capability, we are qualified to maintain and repair various onboard systems and equipments such as Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Hull, Outfitting, Electrical, Communication and Propulsion etc..

Spare Part Supply

We can supply all necessary spare parts for auxiliary engines, electrical equipment and its systems in accordance with ship owner’s requirement. So far, we have successfully supplied A/E Cylinder Liner, Piston Skirt, Casing of Turbo Charger etc. to customers.

Propeller Repair

Accidental damages such as HIT BENT, CHIP, CRACK, MISSING and PITTINGS caused from CAVITATION to the propulsive propeller blade, bow thruster blade and propeller cap etc. can be repaired in conformity with Maker Specification.

Nozzle Repair

After maintenance energy was established, the nozzle maintenance factory was established in July 2012. So far, it has maintained more than 500 PCS/M. Each nozzle maintenance process are in line with the original factory standard size and pressure test confirmation can pass the inspection.

Other Service

We have accumulated vast experience of reconditioning and ship repair over past 30 years. In addition, we collaborate closely with domestic subcontractors specialized in different categories and keep good relationship between each other.

Pass the best resources and technology to future generations

AZUMA Engineering Ltd. under the management of current Chairman Mr. TOSHIMITSU AZUMA
that we persist in “HONESTY” and ”INTEGRITY” as the main stream of our service all the time
and we are ready to trigger the Long Term Business Continuity target as well.

Quality service is guaranteed

Our company's recondition maintenance technology, are certified and authorized by the original manufacturer and ship survey association.